June Promotions

Jackadeal.com/Drift*Boy has teamed up with D1 Grand Prix in 2005

Pick up any JDM Option DVD receive a JDM "Option" Bumper Sticker Free!

Stop by Saturday May 14th, at  the 10th Annual TOYOTAFEST held by T.O.R.C in Long Beach Queen Mary this weekend.  We will be dishing out the coolest deals from Initial D to Drift*Boy Tees!
Jackadeal Bundles Revamped! Check out our Jackadeal Exclusive bundles for extra savings and FREE STUFF!
Initial D 4th Stage Volume 7! To be released Mid-May NOW Shipping!

New DVD arrivals Hot Version Vol. 3 American Touge & JDM Option Vol. 13 D1GP 2005 Round One @ Irwindale.
NEW! Initial D 4th Stage Volume 6! See the latest episodes released. Initial D 4th Stage Combo.  2005 D1GP Hotworks Drift cars IN STOCK! (Two to choose from) HKS S15 and APEX-i RX7
New DVD arrivals Hot Version Vol. 2 JDM Racers & JDM Option Vol. 11 Japan vs. USA @ GT Live.
NEW! Initial D 4th Stage Volume 5! See the latest episodes released. Initial D 4th Stage Combo.  Legends of D1GP Diecast (Four to choose from) by Hotworks Diecast.
NEW! Drift*Boy Tees. Check the lastest designs and get yours today. Congrats to Kumakubo of Team Orange for winning the D1GP Challenge. Rhys, we were pulling for you man.
NEW! Legends of D1GP Diecast Set by Hotworks Diecast. Want FREE tickets to GT Live? We got you covered. Click here for Info
New DVD arrivals Hot Version Vol. 1 JDM Racers, Best Motoring JGTC Guide Special, JDM Option Vol. 8 Toyko Metro Battle. Have you purchased your GT Live tickets yet? Get yours today before it's too late.
Happy Thanksgiving! Check out our Huge One Week SALE starting 11/26 thru midnight 12/2. Kick off your holiday shopping and Jack A Deal! Details
FREE STUFF! Our Free Stuff Promotion just got even better. Get a 2005 JadaToys desktop calendar with any purchase over $50. And for all you DUB fans, we got hooked up with some lanyards which will be free with all DUB City purchases, courtesy of DUB Magazine
Scion Xb / Toyota bB Diecast toys are shipping this week. Here's a peek at the whole lineup due to be out before Christmas. More xB images. Also look for Jackadeal.com Scion xB to be featured in the upcoming issue of Scion Magazine.
Initial D 4th Stage Volume 4 released.  See Bunta's AWD monster in the works. Takumi gets nex challenges and more. Also check out our holiday Gift sets here!
New Initial D Diecast 1/64 Collection, only $19.95! Includes Toyota Corolla AE86, Nissan Sil Eighty, Nissan Skyline GTR R32, Mitsubishi EVO III, Mazda RX-7 (FC), Mazda RX-7 (FD). Also check out our revised Automotive DVDs store.
Initial D Shop renewed! Check out our Initial D section for the release of Initial D Diecast Collection! Be the first to get the awesome diecasts. You've seen the series now get the toys.
Initial D 4th Stage Round 2 dvd featuring episodes 3 and 4. Now taking shipping!
NEW! Drift Bundle, now pick from 9 Drifting related DVDs. Okay everyone, Initial D diecast cars is only days away.  As always we will have exclusive bundles for these diecasts cars along with your favorite Initial D figures.
NEW! Drift Battle in stock now.  Also new to our Tuning DVDs are Tokyo Underground, Drift Society,  JDM Options Vol.1, JDM Options Vol.2, & Best Motoring VTEC Club. Be sure to look for these new dvds in our exclusive bundle packages for extra savings!  Don't forget, every Jackadeal.com order qualifies for FREE STUFF!
Please excuse the delay of our updates.  Look forward to many new additions to Jackadeal.com in June.  We would like to thank all of our new affiliates that have just signed onboard and we will be adding your links shortly.
Initial D Fourth Stage Released! Get yours today. We've got all the inside stuff on the upcoming Initial D diecast toys. Here's a spy photo of Takumi's Corolla Trueno AE86 
Jackadeal.com newest affiliates Team Rotora.  Ken Gushi, 17 year old drifting sensation blew its competition at Drift Shoot Out to win $10,000 Click Here for more info
Import Racer! new Force Induction series, Subaru WRX STi and EVO8. Click the links below to preview these bad boys!  Don't forget, all Jada Toys-Import Racers come with FREE STUFF!
1/18 Import Racer WRX Sti Blue *XS

1/18 Import Racer EVO 8 White *TOYO
1/18 Import Racer EVO 8 Silver *TEIN
1/24 Import Racer WRX STi *INVIDIA
Muscle Tuners 1/18 350Z Roadster now available in Gold and Silver. Click Here to see
Extreme Tuners, Restocked!  Extreme Tuners will be available in 1/12, 1/24, 1/55 scales. Featuring the latest JDM cars including Silvias (S15), Skylines, WRX STi, and more. Click Here
Tonight (4/2) Jackadeal in alliance with Quake Entertainment will be bringing the most anticipated party of the year to the Los Angeles Nightlife with the premiere of AFTERSHOCK

Jackadeal Drift DVD Bundle
Best Motoring DVD Bundle
Best Motoring Vol. 10- Skyline GT-R
Initial D Project D: Prelude to 4th Stage
New to our ToyTuners Store is Hotworks Diecasts Apex-i RX7. Also check out new repaints of 1/18 Muscle Tuners Aucra NSX.
Have you checked out our FREE STUFF promotion? We've been working hard with many magazines and manufactures.  Check out what FREE STUFF your order qualifies to receive! Click Here
360VDO JDM Insider 2 in stock now! See more of 360VM  products in our Tuning DVDs Specialty Store.  See Trailer.
New to our ToyTuners Store is Hotworks Diecasts. Come see us at D1GP on Saturday and see these rare diecasts first hand.  They are Japan's hottest diecasts in the market.
Check out some of the latest JDM products to hit our ToyTuners Specialty store. Nissan Skyline, Nissan 350Z, Honda CRX Glasstop,  Corolla AE86 Trueno,  Toyota bB (Scion xB).
Best Motoring 9 Fuji Fast in stock! Now Free Best Motoring stickers with any Best Motoring Purchase.
360VDO Remix in stock now! See more of 360VM  products in our Tuning DVDs Specialty Store.  JDM Insider 2 coming soon, See Trailer.
New to our ToyDubs and ToyTuners Specialty stores are, DUB City Yukon Denali and Import Racer! Mazda RX-7
Links page is finally up and running. If you would like us to add your site to our links page please email us at info@jackadeal.com  Click Here
 1/15 - NEW
1/18 Import Racer Toyota Supra
1/18 Muscle Tuners 350Z Roadster

1/24 DUB City Lexus SC 430 (Red & Black)
1/10 2004 West Coast Choppers "A"
For a limited time, Drift Bundle now includes a free issue of Drifting Magazine!  Click Here
Muscle Tuners 1/18 NSX scale now available in Red and Solar Yellow. Click Here to see

Hashiriya DVD has been restocked to the Import Lifestyle section.
NEW -  1/24 DUB City 1951 Ford Merc,  DUB City BigBaller$, Hotwheels Batmobile, Extreme Tuners, 360VM dvds have all been restocked!
Extreme Tuners, In Stock Now!  Extreme Tuners will be available in 1/12, 1/14, 1/24, 1/55 scales. They will feature the latest JDM cars including Silvias (S15), EVO's, WRX STi, and more. Click Here
NEW - Import Racing/Lifestyle DVDs
 Grip Video Drift Annual - $19.95
 Best Motoring 8 Rotary Reborn - $24.95

NEW - These have been long awaited! In stock ready to ship. 1/24 Import Racer! Lexus GS 430

NEW - Check out the new arrivals of the week. Just in time for the holiday season.

1/18 Import Racer! Eclipse Copper

1/18 DUB City 1996 Impala SS - 3 colors
1/18 DUB City Escalade EXT Black
1/18 Hotwheels Batmobile *1st Movie

1/18 Hotwheels Ferrari Enzo
Our Import Racing/Lifestyle Dvds have been restocked.  Drift Bible  price drops and 360VM price drops.  NEW
1/24 Import Racer! MR2 Spyder

1/18 DUB City Escalade EXT 
1/24 DUB City Grand National
SEMA Show was incredible.  We have some great pics of new products coming out.  Looks like January will be a 350Z slug fest between Muscle Machines and Jada Toys.
All new  ToyDubs specialty store. 
Congrats to Brian Yoshino and the Jackadeal.com 2003 Turbo Civic Si for making the cover of this month's HCI magazine!  Hitting newsstands soon. Go Civic Go!
We've got all your holiday shopping needs covered. Price drops on all Initial D and ToyDubs products.  

TokyoPop and our buddy, JadaToys are teaming up to create Initial D Diecasts toys.  That's right everyone, your favorite AE86, FD, Sil-Eighty, and more are all coming to life early 2004. Click here for more info
Our Import Racing/Lifestyle Dvds product line has just doubled overnight!  New to the lineup are On The Scene  "Drift USA" , 360VM , and Maxx-It-Out
New Import Racers in Stock! 1/24 Mitsubishi Eclipse in two colors and 1/24 Toyota Supra in orange and red. 1/18 Show Glow Celica in red1/18 Mitsubishi Eclipse in candy purple
On behalf of the staff of Jackadeal.com, we want to honor the many that lost their lives due to the tragic events of September 11, 2001.  We will not forget.
JadaToys has announced the release of its Import Racer R/C Spec for late September.  Be on the look out for our expansion of ToyDubs.com.  
As a bonus, we will be giving away a free 10" vinyl decal sticker with any purchase of JadaToys's Import Racer! or DUB City line.  Many items from our ToyTuners / ToyDubs sections has been restocked. Be on the look out of new DUB City 1/18 scales.  Jackadeal.com/Drift*Boy Scion xB is featured in the 2005 Premier Issue of Scion Magazine. Pick up your free copy at your local SCION Dealer.    JadaToys's new stuff
Check the NEW Muscle Machines Tuner Kits.  Available in four new styles. Click Here to See
This week has been extremely busy here.  We recieved word of lots of new products being released this month. We are also proud to announce our Jackadeal/ToyDubs Project: xB car. This is one bad-ass little ride. Check us out at Extreme Autofest: Pomona this Saturday (7/12).